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    Work From Home

    Get work done from home.

    Includes Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Notion, and more.

    Web Browsers

    The top web browsers we love.

    Includes Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, and more.

    Essential Tools

    Checkout these cool utilities.

    Includes ShareX, QuickLook, Notepad++, and more.


    All the popular music and video apps.

    Includes Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and more.


    Get ready for the battle with our favourite gaming apps.

    Includes Steam, Discord, Epic Games Launcher, and more.


    [Steve Ballmer voice] Developers! Developers! Developers!

    Includes Visual Studio Code, Python, Node.js, and more.


    Our favourite social and communication apps.

    Includes Tweeten, WhatsApp, Telegram Desktop, and more.


    Get ready for online learning with these apps.

    Includes Evernote, LibreOffice, Qalculate!, and more.

    Usuário Home\Casa Simples A1

    Programas Gratuitos Tops A1

    Includes Google Chrome, Firefox, Free Download Manager, and more.


    daily usage apps

    Includes iTunes, OBS Studio, Google Chrome, and more.



    Includes 7Zip, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, BOINC, and more.

    Liz's Pack


    Includes ShareX, QuickLook, Notepad++, and more.

    Koscum's Pack

    Koscum's Pack

    Includes 7Zip, VLC media player, GIMP, and more.



    Includes Advanced IP Scanner, AWS Command Line Interface v2, Azure CLI, and more.

    Personal Installation

    Just what I use on my personal devices.

    Includes Google Chrome, PowerToys, Discord, and more.

    My Work Apps

    Stuff I need for work

    Includes Visual Studio Code, Windows Terminal, SharePoint Online Management Shell, and more.


    NEOD Prod Pack

    Includes PowerShell, Tweeten, GitHub CLI, and more.


    pack de alberto

    Includes Brave Browser, Zoom, Discord, and more.

    Personal Gaming PC

    Personal PC for Gaming

    Includes Discord, TortoiseSVN, Origin, and more.



    Includes Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Spotify, and more.

    EC Council

    Basic Softwares

    Includes Google Chrome, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Firefox, and more.

    Essential Apps for Individual

    A list of essential apps to get maximum productivity with best of all worlds

    Includes Windows Terminal, 7Zip, Visual Studio Code, and more.


    primo pack per installazione

    Includes Steam, Epic Games Launcher, CrystalDiskMark, and more.


    installs vir pc

    Includes Epic Games Launcher, Steam, OBS Studio, and more.

    Al Reiniciar

    Apps Basicas para cuando se reinstala Windows10

    Includes Discord, Spotify, Google Chrome, and more.

    muh pack


    Includes Google Chrome, Warp Client, ShareX, and more.



    Includes Google Chrome, Spotify, Notion, and more.

    AFAS Dev

    Handy apps to be used by AFAS dev people

    Includes Git, Node.js, Toolbox, and more. Post Installation Pack Bloat Ware

    Includes Skype, Java Runtime Environment, Google Chrome, and more.


    Pack do pézinho para Ramon

    Includes Epic Games Launcher, Steam, Nvidia GeForce Experience, and more.

    WIndows 10 Starter


    Includes SyncTrayzor, OpenShot, GIMP, and more.

    Everyday Apps

    Stuff I need most often

    Includes Signal, Bitwarden, PicoTorrent, and more.

    Affinity Designer

    Affinity Designer

    Includes GIMP, Dopamine, ScreenToGif, and more.

    what i use at work


    Includes Microsoft Teams, Spotify, Microsoft Edge, and more.

    Becca Pack

    All the stuff I need when I reinstall Windows

    Includes Firefox, 1Password, Discord, and more.

    Jemd's Windows Starter Pack

    Essential apps for Jemd's Windows distribution

    Includes Google Chrome, Spotify, Steam, and more.

    Win10 pack

    My pack propio para Windows 10

    Includes 7Zip, AIMP, GIMP, and more.


    pack pour tata

    Includes Firefox, VLC media player, WinRAR, and more.

    Windows Basics

    Basics programs for regular person.

    Includes Discord, Spotify, 4K Video to MP3, and more.


    MY Fun Package

    Includes .NET Core Preview, .NET Core Runtime, .Net Framework, and more.

    Ordi personnel

    Ordi personnel de Charley

    Includes Firefox, Google Chrome, Brave Browser, and more.



    Includes Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, iTunes, and more.

    MySelf AppX


    Includes Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Notion, and more.



    Includes Microsoft Teams, Brave Browser, Google Chrome, and more.

    Gabiche's Pack

    WFH, game and code!

    Includes Spotify, Plexamp, Plex for Windows, and more.

    Cài win mới

    Cài Win

    Includes QuickLook, ShareX, Spotify, and more.



    Includes SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio Community, Visual Studio Code, and more.

    Zach's Apps

    Apps i use

    Includes 1Password, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Audacity, and more.

    Too Many apps

    All possible apps

    Includes 7Zip, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Advanced IP Scanner, and more.

    Let's Start

    Formart Windows

    Includes OBS Studio, Discord, Twitch App for Windows, and more.


    Windows Applications

    Includes VMware Workstation Player, Signal, Firefox, and more.



    Includes 7Zip - Alpha, Windows Terminal, Microsoft Edge, and more.


    My apps

    Includes ShareX, Notion, Zoom, and more.

    Dodatne aplikacije

    Dodatne aplikacije

    Includes Battle.Net, calibre, Discord, and more.

    McNairn Apps

    New install pack

    Includes .Net Framework, Firefox, Google Chrome, and more.

    Personal Pack

    Personal Pack

    Includes LastPass, Google Chrome, Brave Browser, and more.


    by Me

    Includes WhatsApp, Tencent WeChat, Telegram Desktop, and more.

    Emiliano Díaz Clean Install


    Includes Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update (x86), Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update (x64), Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update (x86), and more.

    Home Computers

    Home Computers

    Includes FileZilla Client, Notepad++, WinSCP, and more.

    Work Pack

    Apps need for Work

    Includes Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and more.

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