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    Work From Home

    Get work done from home.

    Includes Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Notion, and more.

    Essential Tools

    Checkout these cool utilities.

    Includes ShareX, QuickLook, Notepad++, and more.


    Get ready for the battle with our favourite gaming apps.

    Includes Steam, Discord, Epic Games Launcher, and more.


    All the popular music and video apps.

    Includes iTunes, Deezer, VLC media player, and more.


    [Steve Ballmer voice] Developers! Developers! Developers!

    Includes Notepad++, Cacher, Windows Terminal, and more.


    Our favourite social and communication apps.

    Includes Tweeten, Caprine, Skype, and more.

    Web Browsers

    The top web browsers we love.

    Includes Firefox, Brave Browser, Opera, and more.


    Get ready for online learning with these apps.

    Includes Evernote, Qalculate!, Zoom, and more.


    A basic package

    Includes Google Chrome, VLC media player, Java 8, and more.

    Winstall 0

    Windows initial

    Includes OBS Studio, EarTrumpet, Discord, and more.

    Format Pack

    Format atan pcler için

    Includes Node.js LTS, Discord, Steam, and more.

    Fresh Install

    So you reformatted

    Includes NVIDIA GeForce Experience, Steam, Nightly, and more.



    Includes Windows Terminal, Notepad++, Steam, and more.

    Fresh Setup Dotnet Developer

    Fresh Installation Package for dotnet Developer

    Includes Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio Community 2022, Git, and more.


    Fresh Setup

    Includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, VLC media player, and more.

    Fresh Windows Install

    My essential apps for fresh Windows install

    Includes Steam, Discord, Google Chrome, and more.



    Includes Discord, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, 7-Zip, and more.



    Includes Notepad++, EarTrumpet, Wox, and more.


    Format sonrası

    Includes Discord, Opera GX Stable, Google Chrome, and more.



    Includes Vivaldi, Discord, VLC media player, and more.

    EgoistDeveloper's Pack

    my awesome app collection

    Includes Opera Stable, Discord, Brave, and more.

    Standart Pack

    İlk önce kurulacaklar.

    Includes Bitwarden, Spotify, Notion, and more.



    Includes Discord, EarTrumpet, Wox, and more.

    Yavuz 's Pack

    Herşeyim burada

    Includes Opera GX Stable, Discord, Steam, and more.

    Bug Bounty Hunter Tools

    Every bug hunter needs to install these tools after windows instalation

    Includes Burp Suite Community Edition, Python 2, Python 3, and more.

    Dotnet Developer

    Dotnet Developer Setup

    Includes Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio Community 2022, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, and more.


    Main apps

    Includes Cloudflare WARP, Windows Terminal, Mozilla Firefox, and more.

    Altan's Reinstall


    Includes WhatsApp, Google Chrome, Epic Games Launcher, and more.

    PC basics

    pc basics for fresh install

    Includes ShareX, Notion, Microsoft Teams, and more.

    Fresh Installation Setup

    A new windows installation ready-to-go setup.

    Includes 7-Zip, Node.js, RunJS, and more.

    Probe's Daily Chinese

    For new PC,中文,办公,设计,编程

    Includes Steam, Epic Games Launcher, WeChat, and more.

    My pack(susil)

    personal pack

    Includes Potplayer, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, 7-Zip, and more.

    Full Windows Install Pack

    Pack for full instalation

    Includes Notion, OBS Studio, Notepad++, and more.

    Dev Setup

    Base Windows dev Setup

    Includes Microsoft Teams, Notion, OBS Studio, and more.



    Includes Git, TortoiseGit, Atom, and more.


    mi escritorio

    Includes OBS Studio, Discord, GitHub Desktop, and more.

    Surface Pro - Engineer Student

    This is an installation of everything an engineer student may want.

    Includes Zoom, Notion, ShareX, and more.


    all app i use

    Includes Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x64), Bitwarden, YubiKey Manager, and more.

    Starter Pack

    The basics

    Includes Mozilla Firefox, Steam, Zoom, and more.

    All in One Essential

    Gaming, Utilities, Multimedia, Open Source Apps, Alternative Apps

    Includes Vivaldi, 7-Zip, VLC media player, and more.


    initial setup

    Includes Google Chrome, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more.

    The AlperSocial pack

    this is a pack for me because i need to reinstall everything when i factory reset

    Includes Microsoft Teams, ShareX, Notepad++, and more.

    Complete Windows Installation

    Complete Windows Installation

    Includes Google Chrome, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Notion, and more.

    Reinstall Windows

    Useful for when I reinstall Windows

    Includes Mozilla Firefox, GIMP, VLC media player, and more.

    Starting your new PC (fresh install)

    Must have app

    Includes 7-Zip ZS, AnyDesk, AutoHotkey, and more.

    FreSingh essentials


    Includes NVIDIA GeForce Experience, Epic Games Launcher, Playnite, and more.



    Includes WhatsApp, GIMP, Opera GX Stable, and more.

    FullStack Environment

    This pack provide you a complete stack of tools for your daily development.

    Includes Node.js LTS, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Yarn, and more.

    Angelos Format

    Essentials after format

    Includes Liberica JDK 18 Full, NanaZip Preview, AdGuard, and more.


    dev pack

    Includes Git, Java 8, Python 3, and more.

    Same Ważne Programy

    numer 1

    Includes LibreOffice, SmartRename, IrfanView, and more.


    A list if packages

    Includes YACReader, WinHTTrack Website Copier, GnuWin32: Make, and more.

    Essentials BTekV4

    Gaming and logi

    Includes Steam, EA app, Epic Games Launcher, and more.



    Includes Notepad++, Cacher, Windows Terminal, and more.


    Pack for windows 11

    Includes Notion, Discord, Epic Games Launcher, and more.

    RL Staff

    Pack for RL Staff Machines

    Includes .NET Framework, Zoom, ShareX, and more.


    Developer tools

    Includes PowerShell, Oh My Posh, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, and more.


    a couple applications to install on an elevated user account

    Includes 7-Zip, Everything, Notepad++, and more.


    typical windows workstation application install

    Includes 7-Zip, Mozilla Firefox ESR, Tor Browser, and more.

    Good software for work

    all kinds of different software for opening different files and more

    Includes 0 A.D., AdGuard, Amazon Corretto 18, and more.

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