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    Get ready for online learning with these apps.

    Includes Evernote, LibreOffice, Qalculate!, and more.

    Web Browsers

    The top web browsers we love.

    Includes Firefox, Brave Browser, Opera, and more.

    Work From Home

    Get work done from home.

    Includes Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Notion, and more.

    Essential Tools

    Checkout these cool utilities.

    Includes ShareX, QuickLook, Notepad++, and more.


    Get ready for the battle with our favourite gaming apps.

    Includes Steam, Discord, Epic Games Launcher, and more.


    All the popular music and video apps.

    Includes iTunes, Deezer, VLC media player, and more.


    [Steve Ballmer voice] Developers! Developers! Developers!

    Includes Notepad++, Cacher, Windows Terminal, and more.


    Our favourite social and communication apps.

    Includes Tweeten, Caprine, Skype, and more.

    Slogive Apps

    Full apps and tools for Slogive

    Includes Notepad++, Discord, Epic Games Launcher, and more.


    That feel when Microsoft give you no choice.

    Includes Discord, foobar2000, Steam, and more.

    Essential Apps for Gaming, Entertainment, Communication and Productivity

    All I need after a fresh install

    Includes 7-Zip, Bitwarden, Discord, and more.

    My Essentials


    Includes Opera GX Stable, Google Drive, qBittorrent, and more.


    Apps da FSB

    Includes 7-Zip, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Google Chrome, and more.

    pc victor escritorio

    pack criada pra instalação no pc do victor no escritorio da sam advocacia

    Includes Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more.



    Includes Google Chrome, Discord, 7-Zip, and more.



    Includes .NET Framework, CPUID CPU-Z, CrystalDiskInfo, and more.

    Ultimate Set

    Meant for Fresh Install w/ Most Favorable Apps

    Includes Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable, Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable (x64), Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable - x64, and more.

    Fresh Windows Install

    My Personal Apps

    Includes Google Chrome, 7-Zip, Authy Desktop, and more.

    Laptop Apps

    For laptop use.

    Includes .NET Framework, 7-Zip, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and more.

    Benjamin's Standard Pack (minimum dev tools)

    To get started with all the needed apps

    Includes DOSBox-X, Windows Terminal, Git, and more.

    Beluzzi's Pack

    iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

    Includes Nvidia GeForce Experience, Steam, Discord, and more.

    Crustessentials Chonker

    The whole suite, just removing later the ones that shouldn't go on the specified build

    Includes ShareX, VLC media player, WinRAR, and more.

    Crustessentials Core

    The core tools for my setups, basic codecs and windows tools

    Includes ShareX, VLC media player, WinRAR, and more.


    After format

    Includes WinRAR, Deezer, AdoptOpenJDK JDK with Hotspot 15, and more.

    Must Have Geek Pack


    Includes Intel® Driver & Support Assistant, Nvidia GeForce Experience, LibreWolf, and more.

    oops i messed up my windows partition again!

    lets just say the title is accurate... (Z to A)

    Includes Yarn, YouTube Music Desktop App, Xtreme Download Manager, and more.

    Pacote essencial - 2021

    Desenvolvimento | Games | Utilitários

    Includes Steam, Discord, Epic Games Launcher, and more.

    My Systems

    Apps for my personal systems

    Includes Wireshark, Snagit, Evernote, and more.

    FOSS Essentials

    Use linux ************

    Includes LibreWolf, LibreOffice, qutebrowser, and more.

    Win10 Fresh Install Must Haves

    This package made for .NET folks with web development in mind

    Includes .NET Framework, 7-Zip, AnyDesk, and more.



    Includes WhatsApp, Node.js LTS, Brave, and more.


    Default pack

    Includes Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Teams, Notepad++, and more.


    All stuffs i need for cloud gaming pc (Azure, AWS,...)

    Includes 7-Zip, Steam, Epic Games Launcher, and more.


    Default software

    Includes Google Chrome, VLC media player, Mozilla Firefox ESR, and more.

    Programas que eu mais uso

    Me tornei totalmente apegada a esses programas

    Includes SumatraPDF, Malwarebytes, Potplayer, and more.



    Includes Authy Desktop, Dropbox, Evernote, and more.


    Default Apps for Desktop

    Includes Discord, Audacity, Voicemeeter Potato, and more.

    ATI - MANU


    Includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, WinRAR, and more.

    NoxusTech PC Client Padrão

    Instação padrão de programas

    Includes VLC media player, 7Zip-zstd, Google Chrome, and more.

    Open Source Essentials

    All what you need

    Includes Firefox, Inkscape, Scribus, and more.

    Daily Driver

    All Software I need

    Includes Opera, VSCodium, Inkscape, and more.

    Nothingman's Home Reinstall

    85% of what I need to restart

    Includes Authy, CrystalDiskInfo, Everything, and more.

    Starting your new PC (fresh install)

    Must have app

    Includes 7-Zip ZS, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, AnyDesk, and more.



    Includes CORSAIR iCUE 4 Software, Discord, Steam, and more.

    List Web Browsers

    This is list web browser for home and office.

    Includes basilisk, Brave, Brave Browser Nightly, and more.

    Surface Pro - Engineer Student

    This is an installation of everything an engineer student may want.

    Includes Zoom, Notion, ShareX, and more.

    Work Laptop

    Work ThinkPad T14s

    Includes Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Advanced IP Scanner, Advanced Port Scanner, and more.

    Fresh Install Basics

    When you got a new/reset device and need the gears spinning

    Includes Google Chrome Dev, Mozilla Firefox ESR, Brave, and more.


    Pack for FuJi's ;)

    Includes Firefox, Authy, VLC media player, and more.



    Includes 7Zip-zstd, Authy, EarTrumpet, and more.


    The **** I use

    Includes qBittorrent, Steam, Zoom, and more.


    Todos os apps interessantes

    Includes Notion, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, CCleaner, and more.

    Kyles Pack

    After reinstall

    Includes Steam, qBittorrent-Enhanced-Edition, Bitwarden, and more.



    Includes .Net Framework, .NET SDK, Auto Dark Mode, and more.

    My Pack as of 29 Jan 2021

    My Pack as of 29 Jan 2021

    Includes 7Zip, Atom, Authy, and more.



    Includes 7Zip, Steam, Musescore, and more.

    Mu own little haven

    Mu own little haven

    Includes Joplin, Etcher, Media File Manager, and more.

    Prgs Pack Completo de Dante


    Includes 7Zip, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Aegisub, and more.


    my personal setup

    Includes AutoHotkey, Potplayer, Atom, and more.

    My Default Pack

    The apps which I typically use after clean install

    Includes Atom, AutoHotkey, Discord, and more.

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