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    Get ready for online learning with these apps.

    Includes Evernote, LibreOffice, Qalculate!, and more.


    [Steve Ballmer voice] Developers! Developers! Developers!

    Includes Notepad++, Cacher, Windows Terminal, and more.


    Our favourite social and communication apps.

    Includes Tweeten, Telegram Desktop, Caprine, and more.

    Web Browsers

    The top web browsers we love.

    Includes Firefox, Brave Browser, Opera, and more.


    Get ready for the battle with our favourite gaming apps.

    Includes Steam, Discord, Epic Games Launcher, and more.

    Work From Home

    Get work done from home.

    Includes Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Notion, and more.


    All the popular music and video apps.

    Includes iTunes, Deezer, VLC media player, and more.

    Essential Tools

    Checkout these cool utilities.

    Includes ShareX, QuickLook, Notepad++, and more.


    Cuando formateo la maquina, necesito estos programas

    Includes Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Slack, Node.js LTS, and more.

    Fresh Windows Install

    My Personal Apps

    Includes Google Chrome, 7-Zip, AdGuard, and more.


    .NET Developer Pack

    Includes .NET Core, .Net Framework, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and more.

    Useful Apps

    Work, editing and video games

    Includes OBS Studio, Audacity, Voicemeeter Banana, and more.

    Full Windows Install Pack

    Pack for full instalation

    Includes Microsoft Teams, Notion, OBS Studio, and more.



    Includes Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and more.



    Includes Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, GitHub Desktop, and more.

    PeeKungdev's LazyPack

    ******* !!!

    Includes Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x64), Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x86), Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86), and more.

    Senaxx First Install v2

    Apps for a clean install

    Includes Steam, Epic Games Launcher, Discord, and more.

    Rstauração abril 21

    Abril de 2021

    Includes Spotify, Discord, OBS Studio, and more.

    Pack 1


    Includes Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Everything, Firefox, and more.

    The essentials

    Starter programs

    Includes Google Earth Pro, WinRAR, Steam, and more.


    Restauração Windows 10

    Includes Spotify, Discord, OBS Studio, and more.

    Dell XPS 13 app install pack

    All the stuff I use for work.

    Includes 7Zip, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Audacity, and more.



    Includes .NET Core Preview, .Net Framework, CCleaner, and more.

    Bruno - Enterprise


    Includes WinRAR, 7Zip, Microsoft Teams, and more.

    BeHoteles IT

    IT free soft pack

    Includes Microsoft Teams, Microsoft OneDrive Enterprise, 7Zip, and more.

    Mon pack

    Pack de base

    Includes Firefox, 7Zip, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and more.

    Inicial - 01

    Aplicaciones para instalar tras formatear

    Includes Inkscape, Anki, AmazonMusic, and more.


    Complete Dell Pc from 0

    Includes 7Zip, Firefox, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and more.

    Work Computers

    Stuff for work

    Includes Intel® Driver & Support Assistant, Notepad++, 7Zip, and more.

    Joel's refresh


    Includes Google Earth Pro, LibreOffice, mRemoteNG, and more.

    Good Apps

    A list of all apps to consider installing

    Includes 7Zip, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, AmazonMusic, and more.


    Windows 10 installation pack

    Includes ShareX, 1Password, 7Zip, and more.


    Stuff for Home

    Includes 7Zip, Notepad++, Greenshot, and more.

    BMT Dell Computer Office

    Dell computer office packs

    Includes LibreOffice, 7Zip, Nextcloud Desktop, and more.

    KZy App

    KZy App

    Includes .NET Core Preview, .Net Framework, .NET SDK, and more.

    System Recovery

    My critical apps

    Includes Teamspeak Client, Discord, Microsoft Teams, and more.

    IMP Tools

    include essential software need every desktop

    Includes Telegram Desktop, and more.


    Pre install package

    Includes Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Firefox, and more.

    Basic Rebuild PC Pack

    Basic apps to get going on a dev PC

    Includes .NET SDK, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, WinSCP, and more.



    Includes Notepad++, AIMP, BatteryBar, and more.

    Bill's Apps

    all general apps for AFS

    Includes Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Java Runtime Environment, VLC media player, and more.


    LEY's recommended app

    Includes QuickLook, OBS Studio, VLC media player, and more.

    mixte for win10

    app for win10

    Includes dnGrep, Dropbox, DupeGuru, and more.


    Installation Apps

    Includes .Net Framework, Firefox, iTunes, and more.

    ArcelorMittal Basics

    Basic Programs of ArcelorMittal UK

    Includes Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Microsoft Teams, and more.

    Windows Startup

    maybe for architects

    Includes Auto Dark Mode, Bitwarden, Blender, and more.

    Win 10

    Fresh install

    Includes .NET SDK, .Net Framework, Notepad++, and more.

    Warren Buckley - Clean Machine Tools

    Tools & software needed if running a clean machine

    Includes .Net Framework, .NET Core, Azure Storage Explorer, and more.

    Standard Equipment

    For my private PC...

    Includes Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Toggl Desktop, and more.

    AP - CR workstation

    apps for new install

    Includes AmazonMusic, Brave Browser, CCleaner, and more.

    Miix - Fresh Install

    Fresh Install w/ Various Manufacturer Update Tools

    Includes Lenovo System Update, Zoom, VLC media player, and more.

    The Shugo Weeb Ultimate Pack

    Todos os programas que preciso.

    Includes Discord, Steam, OBS Studio, and more.

    The Shugo Pack

    Pacote para quando formatar minha maquina.

    Includes Discord, Steam, OBS Studio, and more.



    Includes Bitwarden, CCleaner, CPU-Z, and more.

    Default Build

    My Default selection of apps

    Includes Advanced Port Scanner, Battle.Net, Bitwarden, and more.

    This One


    Includes .NET Core, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, CiscoWebexMeetings, and more.

    Oli's pack


    Includes qBittorrent, Mozilla Firefox, Discord, and more.

    Endys pack

    Endys pack

    Includes 7-Zip, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Send to Kindle, and more.



    Includes Firefox, Discord, Microsoft OneDrive, and more.

    Kai Pack

    Just a bunch of apps that i need

    Includes .NET SDK, .NET SDK Preview, ActivityWatch, and more.

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